Growth is a process of inclusion, not exclusion.

Psychotherapy can help people who are troubled not just by symptoms (such as anxiety and depression) but by aspects of their own character. These problems can occur when we have internal conflicts whereby parts of ourselves become cut off from the rest of us.

Understanding that we are incomplete when we dissociate from ourselves, Antony offers a safe space to explore within and reclaim our whole self, find meaning and create change.

Antony takes a whole person approach to his work, grounded in the knowledge that thought, emotion and bodily experience are all linked. Working in this holistic way he assists in a deeper understanding of experience, both present and past. In this process change is facilitated and skills for living developed.

Until we are able to bring awareness and understanding to our old wounds, we will find ourselve repeating their patterns... over and over again. Jack Kornfield



Antony trained with the Australian College of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy.

Antony is a clinical member of the Australian Somatic Psychotherapy Association (ASPA), which is a member association of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

Antony conducts himself in accordance with the ASPA’s Code of Ethics and undertakes continuing personal and professional development.

For information about fees, or the next available appointment, please contact Antony on 0410 463 914 or email